Corporate Vision :

To be reliable global chemical company, dedicated to the well-being of society and the benefit of all the stakeholders.
We capitalize on our expertise to deliver high-quality chemicals stably to the market so that people's life can be better and more confortable. Customer satisfaction will be the key concept underlying all our activities. A company can attain success only when full cooperation among the management, employees and shareholders is established.

Being reliable means trust of the market and customers. Reliability should be the goal of all the divisions across the board.
Being global means that it seeks compliance with the world standard in its management or operation.


Mission :

In order to become a reliable global chemical company, we will :

  1. Develop multilateral business with electrolysis and PVC as the core.
  2. Strengthen technology and marketing to deliver quality, competitive and safe products.
  3. Increase the size as well as profitability of the company to improve our employees quality and returns to the shareholders.
  4. Establish responsive and agile management.
  5. Contribute to safety and environmental preservation as a corporate citizen, and
  6. Foster internationally acceptable management system and promote human resources development.



































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