Welcoming 25th ASC Anniversary
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Welcoming 25th ASC Anniversary

Year of 2014 is the year of 25th Anniversary of PT Asahimas Chemical (ASC). PT ASC was innaugurated in 1989, August 26th by the former of the 2nd Indonesian President Mr. Soeharto.  Welcoming this Anniversary, company have conducted a Gathering Party for both Customers and Employees.

To the Customers, a Gathering Party was held on 23rd of May 2014 at XXI Ballroom Djakarta Theatre which is attended by most of all distinguished customers from domestic and overseas. A warm welcome to all customers was delivered by Share Holders, Board of Commissioner, Board of Director, and Management of PT ASC.

Gathering party for employees and their family was conducted at MGK Building Kemayoran Jakarta which is held in four sessions dated on 8th of February, 15th of February, 1st of March,and finally 22nd of March 2014. Management and employees were together create a synergy, unity, and togetherness to the best future of the company.


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