The ASEAN Vinyl Council Association in collaboration with PT Asahimas Chemical to hold an International Seminar with the theme "PVC For Sustainable Future - Enhance PVC Role in Circular Economy". The seminar was held on November 3rd, 2022 at the Geneva Ballroom Swissotel PIK Jakarta and was attended by the Task Execuor of  Director General of Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Textile Industries from the Ministry of Industry, Ignatius Warsito, and 120 participants consisting of government officials and associations, industries, researchers  and  academics from ASEAN countries.  

Jun   Miyazaki,   vice   chairman  of   the  ASEAN Vinyl Council (AVC)  and  president   and   director   of  PT Asahimas Chemical (ASC),  said the purpose of the  seminar was to promote government  programs   on   the   optimization   of   domestic   plastic   raw   materials,   especially  PVC  (polyvinyl   chloride), explained that it was to support Supporting the achievement   of the Sustainable Development Goals  with economic and environmental sustainability as its pillars.

Jun Miyazaki added   that the industry has   the   potential   to   become   a   catalyst and accelerator for sustainable  development around the world. “Beyond industry, the SDGs  also create new opportunities for governments, civil  society  organizations   and   academic  institutions  to   develop   new   innovations   and   create   new   markets   for   building   new   economies,” he   said.

 Jun  Miyazaki   continued,  ASC  has   optimized   the   3Rs   (reduce,   reuse,   recycle)   in   business   practices   as   a   contribution   to   the   circular   economy.  ASC reduced   his CO2 emissions   in daily activities. Recently, it signed a contract .

with PLN for 18  million units  of renewable   energy   certificates   (equivalent   to   18,000   GWh),   and   voluntarily restricted microplastics.  

 The   international   seminar   featured six keynote  speakers.  Manit  Nititanakul   -  Chulalongkorn  University,  Thailand,  Andy Mangala  Putra  -  PT Kita Bumi Global  (Kibumi)   CFO   and   Co-Founder,  Cindy Bray -  Australian   Plastic  Industry Pipe Association  (PIPA)   Executive   Director,   Gandhi   Kusuwandi  - PT Asahimas Chemical (ASC), Jessica Hanafi - Founder  and  Director  of   Lifecycle  Indonesia,  Michelle Limantara - PT Impack Pratama Industri (Alderon). 

In   his  address,  Mr. Ignatius  Warsito, as a task executor of Director  General   of   the   Department   of Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Textiles,Ministry  of  Industry,   thanked  all the participants for their participation  in  the   seminar. Considering the diversity of backgrounds of the participants, it  is   clear  that this seminar will have a significant impact on the economic and environmental sustainability pillars, to better understand the sustainability of PVC, to take concrete actions, and to improve the economy of Indonesia. We look forward to further contributing to your growth.








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